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Hello, I’m erin.

A visual artist & entrepreneur

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8 Week Mastermind Course

Meet like minded artists, create consistent goals and receive coaching based on the Artists Who Thrive model. 

This course is meant for creatives from all walks of life who are feeling stuck, burnt out or ready to get the show on the road. You will leave this group with an action plan and a path to reaching your financial goals for your creative career. You will actively engage in the legacy you came to the planet to write for yourself, experience more clarity and establish a gratitude practice. 

Where: Zoom conference call

When: Fridays at 6-8:00 PM CST

What do I need? You’ll need to bring a notebook, a paper calendar, a pencil, a water bottle and your imagination. 

starving artist

In four years I went from being on the brink of burn out to being a thriving business owner. I’ve doubled my salary every year for four years and I’ve got big plans to help you do the same.

The time is now.


Here’s how I can help you:


Craft Your Vision

Find some clarity in filtering through all your many ideas to fine “the one” and focus in on it.

Business Basics

Get your hard knocks, boot camp style business know how without the cost of an MBA.

Raise Money

From crowdfunding to applying for loans, I can help you find a solution for your specific project.

Sales Strategy

Artists may not intrinsically be the best salespeople. But, there are some hacks to getting started.

Market Your Product

Who is your audience? How do you communicate with them? Let’s reach the right people!


One of the biggest obstacles between you and your success is your own brain.

the struggle is real. (my blog)

Positive Psychology: How to Not Struggle

I want to ask you how you think I got here. To this place called “Thriving”. I used to think that all the successful people in the world had great luck or that they came from more evolved families. I thought that to start a business I needed money and since my family...

The Power of a Paper Calendar

The Power of a Paper Calendar It wasn’t until I reached a certain level of success in my business that I had too much to do, too much to remember. I needed help. I kept missing important meetings and deadlines. I had wallpaper orders coming in from several showrooms...

The World is Your Studio

Written as a part of our ongoing Zoom classroom lessons. You're here because you're looking for some answers. This is a very strange time in everyone's lives and the best part is that you finally have a little time to search for the answers to life's biggest...

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Erin is a complete package. She can help with all the steps necessary to create your own design business. From collaboration to education through being a supportive partner."

Kellie Menendez, Founder of Half Full

"Erin, has been instrumental in this process for me. I started from scratch and she has taught, guided and pushed me, at times kicking and screaming."

Christy Nimeh, Fine Artist