The World is Your Studio

Written as a part of our ongoing Zoom classroom lessons.

You’re here because you’re looking for some answers. This is a very strange time in everyone’s lives and the best part is that you finally have a little time to search for the answers to life’s biggest questions.

Why am I here?

  • You were put on this Earth having creative skills.
  • You aren’t sure how to get there, but you know there is something better than this.

Take it from me, okay? I was working three part-time jobs, raising two kids under the age of five and my husband was flying around the world for work 5 days a week. I was burnt. out.

So how did I change my life around? Here are some steps that it took to get out of that life I was in:

  • Ask for help. Professional Help. Personal Help. Financial Help.
  • Focus on what matters. Let the rest fall away.
  • Set goals.
  • Realize my own magical powers.
  • Get organized.

Okay now, I know you’re gonna say, “Erin. Why on Earth would I pay money to hear you tell me these things when they sound so simple. There’s no way that’s ALL I HAVE TO DO.”

Look. I was cynical once too. Hell, I still am! But, do you have to lose? If you take some advice from me and it doesn’t pan out and you think it’s a load of garbage then I’ll happily send you a refund. But, listen. There is some practical guidance here that can’t be overlooked. And, I’ve got a hard knocks approach to getting you off the ground. I’m not gonna allow you to make a bunch of bullshit excuses.

Do you have two kids? Are you a single parent? Are you broke as fuck looking for any way out? Are you one month from being evicted from your apartment with no car? Are all your credit cards maxed? I sure hope not. But that was me four years ago. My existence was dire. I was hanging on by a g.d. thread. okay? And I made it.

So put on your big girl/boy/person pants and get out a pen and paper. Because this is going to go fast and you’re gonna have some homework to do. Welcome to the studio called “Life.” It can be as messy or clean as you want it to be. You can create something, hate it, and start over again. But the most important thing is to just TAKE ACTION. Promise to take some small action every day. Because, I know you know this, but the canvas isn’t gonna paint itself.

Much Love, Erin.

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